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Farm Fresh & Local
*in store only*

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Bread & Butter Pickles from Pudnessa Farms

These Bread & Butter Pickles are amazing! The mustard seed really pumps the flavor up and makes the sweetness of the pickle so much better! Please stop in and give these a try, they're the perfect snack or addition to your favorite sandwich or burger!

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Beef Porterhouse & Tomahawk Steaks from Charity Hill Farms

Tomahawk steaks, beef porterhouse, beef ribs, oxtail; you name it! Charity Hill Farms once again dropped off some of the freshest quality meat around! If you're looking for fresh meat and great quality, look no further; we have a wide variety of fresh beef, chicken, and more.

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Blueberry & Strawberry Jam from Pudnessa Farms

These Jams are incredible! If you're looking for something to step up your breakfast game or you are just a fan of jams and jellies, these are a MUST TRY!

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